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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maintaining Oral Hygiene During Fasting Month of Ramadan

say no to hate speech Maintain cleanliness and freshness in the mouth of the fasting month of Ramadan has its own challenges. In addition to physical, something that is not less difficult is to maintain the cleanliness of the word that comes from the mouth.

During the month of Ramadan, refrained from issuing the words that offend others as difficult to resist hunger.

In Islam, cleanliness is part of faith. This expression clearly shows that Islam requires Muslims to maintain cleanliness, both physically and mental.

The essence of fasting is a means for people to exercise control over the passions, including in a speech. A clean mouth means the mouth was kept to only say good things, not to hurt others, or saying something useless.

After the words kept "clean", which is also important is oral hygiene. Unfortunately, some people believe that bad breath in the month of fasting is a natural thing, especially later be replaced with the scent of Musk in heaven.

"Actually, the smell of the mouth that will be replaced with the fragrance of paradise is the smell of mouth from people whose hearts are clean and nice, not the smell of the mouth that make people could not bear to go near," Ustad H. Ahmad Zacky said some time ago.

Moreover, according to Ustad H. Ahmad Zacky, the Prophet Muhammad has taught the importance of cleanliness. Even the Quran mentions no less than 33 times about thaharah (hygiene). "One of the physical characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad was when he smiled, his teeth look white and neat," he said.

The smell of the mouth of the person who is fasting, according to drg. Melanie Sadono Djamil, due to the lack of chewing activity during 14 hours. "Activities to chew is actually a natural cleaning methods. When we ingest food, bacteria follow swallowed. Now, when fasting, which swallowed saliva only," she said.

To keep our mouth is always fresh, Melanie recommend that we always brush our teeth before bed and after suhoor (sahur/eating beofre fasting). Followed by rinsing with an antiseptic to maintain the necessary bacteria in the digestive cavity. In addition, during the month of fasting, avoid foods or drinks that smelled strong and durable while Iftar (breaking the fasting) or suhoor.

Especially for food, avoid excessive consumption of sugar because it can trigger the emergence of cavities, which is one cause of bad breath.


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