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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lee Priest Physical Transformation

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon nicknamed "The Blond Myth" was born July 6, 1972, in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Lee Priest started weight training since the age of 13 and won his first three bodybuilding shows later at the same age.

Lee Priest is one of my favorite bodybuilder. His body size really incredible. I was really amazed when I saw pictures of him while still a teenager. Truly extraordinary. These are some photos of lee priest as a teenager that I found from various sources.

Lee Priest at the age of 13
lee priest at 12blee priest at 12 

lee priest at 13blee priest at 13

Lee Priest at the age of 15
lee priest at 15blee priest at 15

Lee Priest at the age of 16
lee priest at 16

Lee Priest at the age of 19
lee priest at 19

Lee Priest at the age of 25 on Mr O 1997
lee priest at 25 on 1997-mr-olympia

 Lee Priest on Mr O 2003
lee priest  on mr olympia 2003

 Lee Priest on March 2010
Lee-Priest-march 2010Lee-Priest-march 2010cLee-Priest-march 2010b

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