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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eating Caterpillars…Do You Want To Try?

entung ulat daun jati goreng

Seeing caterpillars might disgusting for some people. But for residents in the Village Ngadirojo, Wonogiri, Central Java, teak caterpillars and its cocoon is a delicious food.

 Teak caterpillars (Endoclita) and its cocoon are usually obtained by looking at the leaves of teak or cashew nuts. Locals call it by name entung.  The caterpillars usually found every dry season. According to locals, this menu has been inherited from generation to generation.

looking for entungulat jati

To cook it is not difficult. Caterpillars first washed and boiled until cooked. After that, the caterpillars were given seasoning salt and garlic and then fried. According to locals, it tastes good and tasty.

Besides tasty, fried caterpillars are also believed to cure skin allergies. The truth, caterpillars contain high protein which is useful for the body. If you are curious to taste it, come to the village of Ngadirojo, Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia.

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