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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Flower Fly in The Garden

flower fly-lalat bunga 04

I just know now that there are flies that prefer to feed on the flowers. I thought it was just the bees and butterflies are like that.

When I was in the garden with my neighbors, I saw a flying insect that was perched on a flower. At first I thought it was a bee because of its size is big enough. Its body was larger than the size of a house fly several times. When I take a closer look, it turns out that the flying insect is a FLY!!

flower fly-lalat bunga 10

The fact, that the insect is a fly, make me want to know more about the fly. According to Wikipedia, the fly is a species of flower flies, or Hover flies, or syrphid flies, from the family Syrphidae. And there are about 6,000 species in 200 genera have been described. Wow .. there are so many kinds, and I do not know which species of flower flies that I see it some time ago.

flower fly-lalat bunga 02

flower fly-lalat bunga 01

flower fly-lalat bunga 08

flower fly-lalat bunga 09

flower fly-lalat bunga 03

flower fly-lalat bunga 07

flower fly-lalat bunga 06

This Flower flies is quite difficult to photograph with my camera phone because It is always moving.

All photos of  the flower fly are the result of cell phone camera shots Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K800i.

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