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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Put Favicon in Blogspot

Favicon ("favorite icon" or also known as the "page icon") is a small icon located in the browser address-bar or bookmarks menu on a site.

favicon blogspot

How to put favicon in the blogspot is actually quite easy. Here are the steps how to put the favicon that I got from http://heryantony.com/cara-pasang-favicon-di-blogspot/:

  • Prepare the image you want used as a favicon, image size should be less than 300px . Or you can create an icon by using a favicon generator, such as at http://tools.dynamicdrive.com/favicon/
  • Upload image to image hosting, for example to photobucket.com
  • Next log into your dashboard on blogspot, open the Design menu and then select Edit HTML.
  • On the Edit HTML window, place the following code above tag </ head>, as shown in the picture above (in blue). The code is:

    <link href='http://your-image-URL.jpg' rel='shortcut icon'/>

    note:  replace the words in red with the URL of your uploaded image.
  • Save

Done. Your blog now has a custom favicon.

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