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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keong Racun Gets Millions of Hits on Youtube

keong racun sinta dan jojo

Fantastic! That's what happened on the video lipsync "Keong Racun" Sinta-Jojo. Only a month since the video was uploaded to YouTube on 18 June 2010, this video managed to get a million hits on YouTube and become the attention of facebookers and Twitter. And in early August 2010, this video gets more than 2 million hits. It's really a very fantastic!!! Number of hits or a very high open view like that usually only owned by famous artists within three months on YouTube.

The video was created by two college students, Jovita Adityasari (19) alias Jojo, a student of  Universitas Pasundan (Unpas), and Shinta Nuriansyah (19) alias Sinta, a student of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in Bandung. They acted as they sat on the couch with lips mimicking the song "Keong Racun."

Their action on the video, which is flirtatious, coquettish and innocent, inviting the attention of many people. Not surprisingly, until now (August 5, 2010) the number of visitors seeing their actions on YouTube have reached more than 2.5 million visitors.

The video, which was made just for fun, has made the two girls became celebrities. Numerous interviews and gig offers came. Both are even planning to move to Jakarta to begin a career in entertainment.

Want to see their action? Be prepared and enjoy it :-).

And below is the video lipsync "Keong Racun" which was performed by two white girls who have recently uploaded to youtube. Can they become popular as well as Jojo and Sinta? We’ll see.

Song lyrics: Keong Racun (By Lissa)

Dasar kau keong racun
Baru kenal eh ngajak tidur
Ngomong nggak sopan santun
Kau anggap aku ayam kampung
Kau rayu diriku
Kau goda diriku
Kau colek diriku
Eh ku takut sekali
tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy
Eh kau tak tahu malu
Tanpa basa basi kau ngajak happy happy

Mulut kumat kemot
Matanya melotot
Lihat body semok
Pikiranmu jorok
Mentang-mentang kau kaya
Aku dianggap jablay
Dasar koboy kucai
Ngajak check-in dan santai
Sorry sorry sorry jack
Jangan remehkan aku
Sorry sorry sorry bang
Ku bukan cewek murahan

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The so-called 'keong racun' in Indonesia is a kind of land snail (Achatina fulica).

keong racun



It turned out that two white teenagers who made a video lipsync ‘Keong Racun‘ are Ami Sakamoto, from Crystal Palace, London, England, and his sister named Renee. Ami, who was born on April 20, 1993, can speak Indonesian a little.

"Hello everyone ! This is my video from my Facebook, My name is AMI everyone and I am the one on the right ~ Many people stole this video from my FB and put it on Youtube without asking me, and now I realise I am on the news in Indonesia because of this video?", that's her statement on Kompas.com.

ami sakamoto renee

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