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Monday, August 23, 2010

3-5 Date Palm Fruit Are Enough For Breaking Fasting

Ways to benefit more when taking date palm fruit in the month of Ramadan, was not groundless. Fruit from the Middle East is believed to be able to restore the stamina for the short and long term.


"For the short term because there are glucose and fructose in the fruit of date palms," said Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah, MS, Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology, Institut Pertanian Bogor, as quoted Kompas.com, in Jakarta, Monday (24 / 8).

According Hardinsyah, glucose contained in the date fruit, which has the Latin name Phonex dactylifera, easy to use for the body's energy source so that the stamina to recover faster. "So very good to break the fast," he said curtly.

As a long-term energy source, he continued, because this fruit contains iron and folic acid. Folic acid is important in the period of formation and growth of cells. We need this substance to produce red blood cells and prevent anemia. "Iron and folic acid can increase the red corpuscle, so good for long-term stamina," said Hardinsyah.

In addition, according to him, palm fruit also contains vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, which is a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants useful in order to deter or counteract the toxic free radicals. "We often exposed to toxic substances from everywhere. Fasting is a cleansing process (cleaning). With fruit date palm, that cleansing process could be better," he explained.

You do not even need a bag full of dates to recover energy. "Enough 3-5 of fruit date palm when breaking the fast. Because we're going to eat the rice later. Breaking sufficiently with dates, prayers, and then a big meal," the suggestion Hardinsyah.

However, you should choose not just any dates that many were sold in the market. You must select the date plam fruit with good quality. How to choose good date palm fruit, according Hardinsyah, are as follows:

kurma1. Outer membrane or the epidermis was not damaged.
2. Not coated with sugar or honey, so that is not sticky when held.
3. The color is brown-red-yellow.
4. Great shape, not small.
5. Well packed.
6. There is a permit from the Ministry of Health.

Hardinsyah also said you should not buy the date plam fruit that are sold in sacks at the market. Sacks are not guaranteed cleanliness (plus a market environment which is also not clean, make date plam fruit dusty, dingy, and dirty. "In addition there are often pieces of sand and fiber," said Hardinsyah.

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