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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jay Cutler Poses Pics at 2009 Mr Olympia

After the previous year was defeated by Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler finally managed to regain the title Mr. Olympia for the third time in IFBB Mr Olympia 2009. And here are some of  Jay Cutler poses pics at 2009 Mr Olympia:

jay cutler standing relaxe[4]jay cutler standing relaxe 2[1]

jay cutler double bicep pose[4]jay cutler front lat spread pose[4]

jay cutler side chest pose[1]jay cutler back double bicep pose[1]

jay cutler rear lat spread pose[1]jay cutler side tricep pose[1]

jay cutler abs and thigh pose[1]jay cutler muscular pose[1]

jay cutler muscular pose 2[1]jay cutler free pose[1]

source: bodybuilding.com

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