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Friday, September 3, 2010

Banana Tree Sap Can Accelerate The Wound Healing Process

banana tree

A group of students of Department of Dental Education, Faculty of Dentistry, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, proving that the sap of the banana  tree can accelerate the wound healing process.

With 80 percent concentration of the sap of the banana tree, the wound will be closed 30-60 percent faster. This research won the gold medal in the 2010 Student Science Week National Education Ministry in July, in the category of Student Creativity Program for Research.

One of the student researchers, Rahma Ningsih (21), said the research was originally inspired by the habits of people in rural Kandangan, Sayegan, Sleman regency who treated the wound by rubbing sap of banana trunks. "From here we were interested to investigate whether it was true banana tree sap can accelerate wound healing. If that's true, how the effect, "he said in Yogyakarta, Thursday (08/12/2010).

Adjusting to the majors, the study focused on wound healing after tooth extraction. Wound healing after tooth extraction needs to be accelerated because of the potential infection when the process of healing is too long.

In this study, banana tree sap from Musa sapientum (“Pisang Raja” in Indonesian) is processed into an ointment with a concentration of 80 percent and were tested in guinea pigs. With ointment, tooth extraction wounds heal faster, from 15 days to 5 -10 days. The same thing is expected to occur in wounds in other parts of the body because the wound healing process is basically the same.

Members of other researchers, Yosaphat Rosanto Bayu (21), say, a banana tree that can be used can be from any kind of banana tree, because its content is relatively the same. Sap of the banana tree is known to contain three elements, which is useful to speed healing of wounds, namely saponins, flavonoids, and ascorbic acid.

Saponin works to increase the formation of new blood vessels in the wound so that supply oxygen and nutrients will be more. Ascorbic acid to strengthen and accelerate the growth of new connective tissue (collagen). And flavonoids may shorten the time of inflammation, which can hinder healing.

According Yosaphat, in addition to proven efficacy banana tree sap from a scientific aspect, this study also found a dose and effect. Hopefully, this research can be developed to produce large quantities of drug.

When used in the form of fresh, Yosaphat said, the healing process takes longer because the water concentration is very high. "It's more potent when it is processed," he said.


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