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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shawn Ray's Recommendation For Teenage Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray is a former professional bodybuilder and retired from competitive bodybuilding in 2001.

Shawn Ray was 17 years old when he started weight training, as he had said in FLEX magazine. He said, " Reflecting on my growth from that stage, i can tell you, with greater wisdom, that bodybuilding is more than lifting weight. Muscle growth cannot occur without food, so eat what's put in front of you at home and give your body time to grow naturally."

He further said that the best muscle gain he had always come from doing three exercises per bodypart for four sets of eight reps, pyramiding each set so that his eighth rep on the last set was at failure.  He don't do six; always eight reps.

Here is Shawn Ray's recommendation for teenage bodybuilding workout routine:

Chest: Bench press, Incline press, Flat flyes

Back: Barbell rows, One-arm dumbbell rows, Chins

Legs: Squats, Leg Presses, Leg extensions, Lying leg curls, Stiff-leg deadlifts

Shoulders: Behind-the-neck presses, Lateral raise, Upright rows (or Heavy barbell shrugs)

Biceps: Standing barbell curls, One-arm preacher curls, Standing alternate dumbbell curls

Triceps: Triceps pressdowns, Lying French curls, kickbacks

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