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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shawn Ray’s Leg Routine

Shawn Ray LEG PRESSShawn Ray was 1994 and 1996 Mr. Olympia runner-up.

At the Olympia, Shawn Ray was the perennial and consistently excellent, as he flexed in a record-tying 12 posedowns there and all in a row from 1990-2001. Those were some of the strongest lineups ever seen on any bodybuilding stage, and his string of success included two runnerup finishes (1994, 1996), putting him in the argument for best bodybuilder to never win a Sandow.

Shawn Ray On Variety
“I was always changing my leg routine. I’d change big things like exercises and exercise order. And I’d also change little things, like foot position or the type of machine I used for things like leg curls and leg extensions. Every machine hit my muscles slightly differently, so for complete development I used them all. I never wanted to get too comfortable, just doing the same things the same way.”

Shawn Ray’s Leg Routine
Exercise                                     Sets               Reps
One-leg extensions                   4                  15
Squats                                            5                  12-6
Leg presses                                  4                  8-12
Two-leg extensions                  4                 10-12
Standing leg curls                      4                 12-15
Lying leg curls                            4                 12-15
Stiff-leg deadlifts                        4                 12-15
source: www.flexonline.com/training/lower-body/ray%E2%80%99s-legs


Ronnie coleman _shawn ray_kevin levrone at mr olympia 2000


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