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Friday, June 10, 2011

Phil Heath's Biceps Workout

2010 Mr. Olympia runner-up Phil Heath Phil Heath is 2010 Mr. Olympia runner-up.

Phil Heath’s beginner advice
"Know your limits. You don't want to get hurt, yet you want to go heavy. An eight- to 12-rep range is ideal. A beginner should do no more than nine sets for bis and nine for tris. You should try every exercise to find which ones work for you. Just because something works for me or someone else doesn't mean it'll work for you.

Phil Heath’s Biceps Workout
Exercise                                     Sets               Reps
Barbell preacher curls             3                  10
Incline dumbbell curls           3                  10
Two-arm high cable curls      3                  10
One-arm high cable curls        1                  10
source: www.flexonline.com/training/heath’s-biceps

Phil Heath bicep 2

Phil Heath bicep

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