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Monday, November 29, 2010

Markus Ruhl's Weight Training Program 2004


Markus Ruhl's Offseason Training Split 2004

DAY             BODYPART
Monday           Chest
Tuesday           Back
Wednesday     Arms
Thursday         Rest
Friday               Legs
Saturday          Shoulders
Sunday             Rest

* Cardio is performed for 30 minutes every training day.


Markus Ruhl's Precontest Training Split 2004

DAY                 BODYPART
Monday           Chest
Tuesday            Back
Wednesday      Biceps
Thursday          Triceps
Friday                Shoulders
Saturday           Legs
Sunday              Triceps

NOTE: In separate morning workouts, Ruhl trains a smaller bodypart: calves (three times per week), trapezius (twice per week) or hamstrings (once per week alone, in addition to leg day).

* Cardio is performed for 60 minutes every day.

marMarkusRuhl DennisWolf

Markus Ruhl does one main exercise for each bodypart

He may change the other lifts from workout to workout, but the following main exercises stay constant.

Chest                        Smith machine incline presses
Back                          Front pulldowns
Biceps                      Dumbbell curls
Triceps                    Lying one-arm dumbbell extensions
Shoulders               Smith machine front presses
Quadriceps            Hack squats
Hamstrings            Lying leg curls
Calves                      Standing calf raises

markus_ruhl_img de924da3f5ba

Trapezius Routine

Precontest, Markus Ruhl trains trapezius twice per week with the following routine.

Dumbbell shrugs    5-6     10-20
Machine shrugs       5-6     10-20



EXERCISE                                                                SETS*     REPS

Smith machine incline presses                                   5        4-12
Machine presses                                                               5        8-12
Incline flyes                                                                        5        8-12

Front pulldowns                                                                5        6-12
One-arm dumbbell rows on an incline bench       5        8-10
Seated cable rows                                                             5        6-10

Machine preacher curls                                                4        8-10
Dumbbell curls                                                                 4        6-10
Standing two-arm cable curls                                    4        8-10
Lying triceps extensions                                              4        6-10
  (with cambered bar)
Triceps pushdowns                                                         4        8-10
Lying one-arm dumbbell extensions                      4        8-10

Leg presses                                                                         5        4-12
Hack squats                                                                        5        4-12
Leg extensions                                                                  5       10-20
Lying leg curls                                                                  6       10-20

Smith machine front presses                                     5        4-15
Bent seated laterals                                                       5        8-12
Seated side laterals                                                        5        8-12
Lying cable upright rows                                            5        8-12

* Only working sets are noted. Ruhl also does one to four warm-up sets before each exercise.

NOTE: Markus Ruhl trains calves three times per week with only one exercise: standing calf raises. He does 15-20 sets of 10-15 reps. "I go very heavy," Ruhl says. "After a good calf workout, I can barely drive down the road home because my calves are so tight and pumped."

(source: b Bnet)


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