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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Synthol Abuse

What is synthol? Synthol is basically a mixture of oils that can be used to make parts of your body bigger by injecting the oil directly into the muscle.

The correct usage of this oil mixture is to help balance out unproportionate parts of the body. so if you have one bicep bigger than the other you can inject synthol into the bicep that is lacking in size. Thus giving you a more proportionate and aesthetic physique.

Snythol works by stretching the fascia, the thin skin like material which wraps around and isolates the body’s muscle tissue. when the fascia is stretched the muscle fills the gap and any gains made are permanent.

Some People have taken synthol abuse too far as you see on pictures below:

synthol-300x276klaus doring



source text: bodybuildingblog.co.uk

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